Our Mission

  • Our mission is to benefit from the strategic position of our port and to develop and promote Djibouti as a global hub port and international maritime center
  • to provide value-for-money, high quality services to our customers through motivated and innovative employees
  • Enhance Marine ,General Cargo & Container services as an International standard in order to meet the needs & expectation of our customers
  • Improve the efficiency of the Port’s equipment and infrastructures
  • Develop the port’s activities by outsourcing new businesses.

 Our Values

To answer the growing needs of Shipping Companies and Shippers, the Port of Djibouti has undertaken an ambitious development program of the ports facilities and equipment, which will last for many years.
The completed and undergoing modernization programs conform to the criteria of efficiency and reliability made necessary by the regional and international economic competition.

  • Commitment to our employee’s performance by providing necessary resources and training
  • Commitment to services excellence
  • Dedication to customers
  • Development of new strategy plan based on competitive spirit, business sustainability and teamwork spirit