The government of Djibouti is focusing on the development of the roads, ports airports and telecommunications of the Northern area of the Country in order to make of Djibouti the centre of the regional traffic, and the connection with foreign countries of C.O.M.E.S.A. (Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa).

The construction of the port of Tadjourah is therefore part of the Djibouti Government plan to develop, in an harmonic way, the different regions of the Country, developing the specific capacities and the resources of each region, by improving the transport system of the Country.

The works for the New Port of Tadjourah to be built in the Tadjourah Gulf at about 1 km west from the town of Tadjourah include the construction of the following: 2 linear quays of about 435 m length with berthing and mooring facilities for two 20.000 DWT General Cargo Vessels; a typical Ro-Ro terminal about 190 m length of 12 m draft and a surface of 30 hectare equipped with all port infrastructures will accentuate the process of opening up the vast Ethiopian hinterland. Direct connection to this port by a paved road, "Tadjourah - Balho" and the railway 'Tadjourah-Mekele' to be built at the same time will promote the development of northern regions of the Republic of Djibouti. In the second phase, this port could allow private investors wanting to develop the mining (exploitation of potash and other minerals ) to enjoy adequate infrastructure for export through a new Bulk Terminal with 2 linear quays of 12 to 15 draft.

Already, international private investment involved in the exploitation and exports of potash deposits in Ethiopia are the first interested in the realization of this project. 



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